Mid America Trucking Show

More power. Better response. Better fuel economy.

Who doesn't want the three things as mentioned above when it comes to operating a vehicle? Unfortunately, with many of today's diesel engines, operators have to take matters into their own hands to achieve such benefits. That's because to stay competitive in a global economy, diesel engine manufacturers these days typically only produce a few different types of diesel engines. While the engines are quality made, they're integrated into a wide range of vehicle platforms. In other words, the engine that is integrated into one particular vehicle may not be optimized the way it needs to be to perform to its maximum potential with that vehicle.

That's where ECM tuning comes into play. ECM tuning is essentially a means of adjusting the software program that control's a diesel engine's fuel management. It doesn't involve any replacement parts or additional parts - just an adjustment to the engine's software. And the benefits, as we noted above, of fine-tuning the engine to how the operator wants it to work often result in more power, better response and better overall fuel economy.

Reno Ward

Reno Ward has some big shoes to fill, but he’s up to the task and is busy charting his own path. Reno is the son of the late Darrell Ward, a star of the History Channel’s popular reality TV show “Ice Road Truckers.” After appearing with his dad in the eighth season of the show, Reno, 24, starred in three episodes of the 11th season in 2017, after Darrell died in a plane crash in August 2016.

Lisa Kelly & Marc Springer


The Diesel Spec team wishes to thank you for this memorable weekend at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY. It was a pleasure to chat with you and to inform you on our products and services. This event, like every year was a great success.

Launch of the Bandit Big Rig Serie Racing Season

Mobile, Al

This weekend was the launch of the Bandit Big Rig Racing Season, an event of which we are a proud partner.

You can check the results of the races here.